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Daphne of ABC News reviews our product in the video below. Click here for the article and scroll down for additional reviews.

"I love these covers, especially the small size. They are perfect for keeping salads and leftovers fresh."

Sarasota, FL

"We have had them in the house for a while, but for some silly reason I keep picking up the aluminum foil or plastic wrap to cover foods to store in the fridge. Just recently, I picked up one of our CoverMate Reusable Flexible Covers and put it on a plate to cover some food and I was! That was easy! They are more reusable than plastic wrap and less waste than plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Many times we just toss plastic wrap after a single use because it bunches up. Aluminum foil...if it isn't too dirty (I take to school and donate for recycling)."

"With these Flexible Covers (looks like shower caps...heee hee) you just stretch it over the bowl or plate. They are very stretchy and easy to use over and over! Wash them off, rinse, whatever. I love 'em!"

"They are funny looking but, man, I won't reach for anything else from now on."

Thrifty and Creative Web Blog

"Used them on square bowls and round bowls and they fit great. Also great for making sandwiches in the morning for your lunch at noon. Keeps things fresh and sanitary."

Sheffield Lake

"I love your product! Plastic wraps are a mess, and I feel environmentally-guilty using aluminum foil to cover leftovers. I was thrilled when a friend told me about your product. The packaging is beautiful, but what's inside is amazing! I purchased a box of Medium and Large, and couldn't believe all the uses I found! Cantaloupe tastes funny after a few days on the counter, but pop a Covermate on it and it stays fresh for a week! My kids love them because they can see what's in the fridge without guessing. And the BEST use I've found...splatter shields for microwave messes. Leave it to my children to nuke leftover spaghetti and watch the sauce explode. I recommend these to EVERY mom who is tired of scrubbing the microwave! A simple rinse in the sink, and you can re-use them too!"

"I'm hooked. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!"

Fall City, WA

"I just wanted to tell you how much I like your product. They're wonderful. They are very economical and I'm so proud that I ran across them. Thank you for such a great product and keep up the good work!"

Sarepta, LA

"I like this product a lot. They are so easy to use and there is none of that plastic sticking to itself like the other covering products. I work and live on a tug boat in the SF bay area a week at a time. My crew and I like this product because it's quick and easy to deploy and even easier to clean up."

"Every once in a while we encounter heavy seas and everything in the tug gets tossed around. We had a bowl of food hit the deck upside down and the Covermate cover did not let anything escape. The covers saved our dinner that stormy night."

Richmond, CA

"I love the new Covermate food covers. I use them for leftovers as well as heating food for my lunch at work. They work great for heating food at work-sometimes heating food in plastic bowls , ruins the bowls. This way I can take my lunch food in a glass bowl and use Covermate--they work GREAT. Thank you for bringing a new idea to help make food storage easy!!!"

Monongahela, PA

"Covermate covers are the best covers we have found. Easy to use and can be re-used. They fit just about any bowl or food container. Unlike most covers, they can be used in the microwave and in the freezer. Love Them!!!!"

Windsor Locks, CT

"Covermate is a lifesaver!!!! Since I am simply not talented at using plastic wrap, Covermate makes storing leftovers a breeze!! I have 4 children, so streamlining in the kitchen is a MUST! These are for any busy person who likes to keep dinnertime cleanup to a minimum!"

Ware Shoals, SC

"As a senior citizen, I find the new Covermate flexible covers so much easier to handle from the pull-out carton than the loosely assorted food container covers you have to rummage around your kitchen drawers to find. The fact that these are also microwave safe is a real plus in lieu of stretch wraps that cling together before you pull across the serrated edges. The most helpful for those with painful arthritis hands and fingers is the ease of grasping for closure and removal. My friends who are legally blind from macular degeneration found the Covermate more helpful by their feel than trying to match up tops to plastic containers. The biggest find to them was the fit around their Meals on Wheels lunch cartons again for microwaving and storing any leftovers. Also, they keep the tops of cereal and cracker boxes covered for freshness when unable to reclasp them."

"I am delighted having this product in my own kitchen."

Virginia (75 years old)
Hayward, CA

"They are great for parties and picnics. I don't have to worry about the bugs when I bring items outside. All my friends fell in love with them."

Gibbsonville, NC

"Great product. I like it better than digging around in the cabinet for a container, because I hate doing dishes and cleaning up. I also use it to cover my dog's food bowl"

Alpharetta, GA

"These Covermate covers are the greatest! They fit a wide variety of bowl sizes and are clear so you can see what is in the bowl. So much easier to use than clingy plastic wrap. You can remove or add without having to use a new cover. Highly recommended for the busy working person who doesn't have the patience at the end of a long day to struggle with plastic wrap."

Schenectady, NY