CoverMate food Covers Innovation

Covering Made Easy

Whether you're covering a plate of leftovers, keeping a salad fresh, or taking a veggie tray to party, Covermate has you covered! Covermate stretch-to-fit food covers provide a quick and easy way to cover all plates, bowls and containers.

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5 Reasons to use Covermate
Covermate covers allow you to quickly and easily cover plates and bowls of food. Simply stretch a cover over the dish and allow it to snap securely in place. And thanks to built-in FlexBand™ technology, uncovering and re-covering are just as easy, so you can snack all day!
1. Cover, Uncover, & Re-cover In Seconds
2. Keeps Food Fresh
3. Fits Any Shape
4. Easy To Use & Reuse
5. Great For All Occasions
Quick and Easy way to cover all dishware

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