Questions about CoverMate Food Covers

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The following are frequently asked questions about Covermate®. If you have additional questions, please inquire here.

1. Are different sizes available?

2. Are they reusable? How many times can I reuse them?

3. Are they recyclable?

4. What are they made of / do they contain BPA or PVC?

5. Is it safe to use Covermate covers when reheating or steaming food in a microwave oven?

6. Can Covermate covers be used in a conventional oven?

7. How does Covermate work?

8. Why are there vents (holes) along the edge of the covers?

9. What is the difference between Covermate covers and products sold as bowl covers and shower caps?

10. Who is behind Covermate?

Quick and Easy way to cover all dishware

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